We are pleased to be your premier source for Origin Fine Aroma Cacao directly from the farmers in Soconusco, Mexico. We hope that drinking our Chocolate will contribute to fulfilling your nutritional needs and sense pleasures!

Inspired by the ancient traditions of drinking Cacao (“The Food Of The Gods”) as a vitalizing elixir, MAYANA offers an exquisite menu of Cacao Elixirs – specialty crafted drinking chocolate that helps reinvigorate your body and brain.

Historically, Criollo was the type of cacao grown and consumed by the native people in Chiapas in southern Mexico, the Olmecs (1500 B.C.), and later the Maya. This is the type of cacao that the Spanish first encountered, and it has been held in high regard ever since.

The premium quality of our products is from the origin of our so-called “fine and flavour” cacao beans that add a distinct taste. Rich in nutrients, Cacao seeds from wild ancestral trees inspire our creativity and vitality.