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It’s ALL ABOUT THE FROTH! As more frothy your Cacao Elixir, you´ll enjoy the richness of the delicious recipe!

The Aztecs used to pour the chocolate from high up to another vessel to rise up the foam that was so prized for them; then the Spanish conquerors (16th century) introduced the wooden stick called “molinillo” that you twirl between the hands to produce a foam topped chocolate beverage.

While we love the traditional, we are now using the most practical tool to prepare a delicious hot chocolate ready to drink in just about two minutes. The Milk Frother heats up the milk or water while producing a beautiful froth – the cacao melts and all the ingredients are perfectly blended-.

Electric Milk Frother with lid. 8oz. White. Easy to clean.

The label is made with Cherry wood by Justin aka “Cosmo” in Toronto.