Enjoy your favourite Hot Cacao Elixir with this special drinking vessel – or use it as a container or decor accent.

This jícara is made from a fruit shell from the calabash tree.

It’s decorated with “the maque” technique by a man named Filemón in Oaxaca, Mexico.

In Mexico, the word jícara comes from xicalli, a Nahuatl word meaning a vessel or container. The jícara was used in prehispanic times as a cup, and for the contexts in which it has been located – temples, mural painting, codices, etc. – it can be affirmed that decorated jícaras were used in rituals performed in sacred spaces.

The jícara was also used as a measure; in the codices, there are jícaras with dust of gold or pigments along with the numerals that designate the amount that should be given as a tribute to the Mexica empire.

The color tone and size may vary (13-15cm diameter).