·Unsweetened ·Tempered chocolate

It can be melted down or pulverized to make your own chocolate recipes.

The journey from Bean to Chocolate: Once the pods are opened and the beans and their surrounding pulp extracted, there are four principal steps to produce the cacao “nibs” (kernels): 1)Fermentation, 2)Drying, 3)Roasting and 4) Winnowing – which are to be ground into a melted mass that chocolate makers call “cacao liquor” or “cacao mass” – and this is what we need for making any chocolate recipe!

·Single origin MEXICO – SOCONUSCO. Land with rich biodiversity where wild cacao trees grow old and reborn at the roots. People in this region perpetuate the ancient tradition by producing unequalled fine flavour cacao beans.

·Rain harvest – October 2021.

·Tropical aromas of fruits and tasting notes of cacao and prunes.

·Available in 454g | 1lb  and  5kg | 11lb

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