I aspire to positively make an impact on the lives of others to live a healthy lifestyle through my offering of Chocolate as Nourishment For All Your Senses!

My name is María Mancini Cenobio. I was born and raised in the central region of Mexico, in the land of the Aztec civilization -the true inventors of chocolate-. I am proud of my culture and ancient traditions. Not only the history of chocolate, but also the quality of cacao grown in my country of origin are my inspiration to create and offer good quality food -real chocolate- "The Food Of The Gods".

After several years of experimenting with superfoods (specially cacao) as part of my daily diet, and learning from my life partner (Expert in growing organic, nutrient-dense food), I realized the importance of creating chocolate products that are better not only for the consumer, but also for the farmers and the planet -which sadly it was hard to find anymore. Therefore, I wanted to follow my passion for chocolate while reinvigorating the ancient tradition of drinking chocolate as vitalizing food, and empowering the farmers and their community in the region of Soconusco in Chiapas, Mexico where Fine Flavour Cacao has been cultivated for milennia by the Mayan. My connection with small-scale farmers in Soconusco helped me to undertake this fascinating journey in the world of chocolate with MAYANA since 2017.

My love and gratitude to mother nature, our ancestors Mayan and Aztec, and the conscious farmers who cultivate this revered potent botanical for us!


The name MAYANA has beautiful meanings related to the feminine energy in several languages:

  • MA: Mother (Bangla), Creation (Hindi)
  • MAY: The 5th month - Rebirth, Fertility, Flower (Arabic)
  • MAYA: Ancient Mesoamerican Civilization - the MAYAN domesticated the Cacao tree, Mother of Creation (Hinduism & Buddhism), Illusion (Hinduism), María Here and Now (Spanish)
  • AYA: Angel, Miracle (Arabic)
  • ANA: Love is Born Here (Spanish)
  • MAAYAN: Spring (Hebrew)

The MAYANA logo mirrors the Creation of Life - The Seed of Life - a universal symbol of creation found at the heart of an ancient pattern called Flower of Life.

The circles of this geometrical seed are open as a foundation upon the infinite, fractal nature of our life; inside the 7 circle, meaning the Womb.