Fine Flavour Cacao

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Cacao gifts us with an abundance of treasures. One of nature’s most powerful antioxidants, cacao is a revered superfood for its health benefits.

Historically, Criollo was the type of cacao grown and consumed by the native people in Chiapas in southern Mexico, the Olmecs (1500 B.C.), and later the Maya.

This is the type of cacao that the Spanish first encountered, and this is the type of cacao that has generally been held in high regard ever since. In addition to its loftier role in ritual and celebration, cacao also served decidedly material functions, cacao beans were used as currency, and the seeds were so valuable that Aztec rulers accepted cacao as tribute payments, and cacao was commonly exchanged in Maya marriage negotiations.

Criollo cacao produces what is called Fine Flavour Beans, less bitter and more aromatic than any other bean. The premium quality of our products is from the origin of our cacao beans that add a distinctive taste. Rich in nutrients Cacao seeds from wild ancestral trees in Soconusco, Chiapas, Mexico, for us to inspire our creativity and vitality.